Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Maricopa county quick to bat down election misinformation

When the Republican candidate for Arizona governor accused the state’s most populous county of “slow-rolling” the vote count to skew early election...

Election conspiracies frame contests for secretary of state

Among the myriad offices gaining attention on the ballot Tuesday, the normally obscure post of secretary of state stands out.

FACT FOCUS: Why final election results take days, not hours

As election workers spend long hours tallying ballots in Arizona and elsewhere in the days after Tuesday’s primary elections, some critics are...

Election skeptics rise in GOP races to run state elections

The Donald Trump-endorsed state lawmaker who won the GOP nomination for Arizona secretary of state is the latest candidate to advance to the November...

Experts or ‘grifters’? Little-known firm runs Arizona audit

In early March, a Boston-based vote-counting firm called Clear Ballot Group sent a bid to Arizona's state Senate to audit the 2020 presidential election...