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Arizona GOP budget holdouts near win on tax cut changes

A pair of Republican Arizona lawmakers who objected to a $1.9 billion tax cut in a $12.8 billion GOP budget deal were close Thursday...

Legislature still stuck on budget terms after hiatus

The Arizona Legislature made a brief appearance Thursday and conducted virtually no business weeks into a budget stalemate that shows no sign of abating...

Bid by GOP Arizona House leaders to pass budget falls flat

The Arizona House on Monday failed to pass vital parts of a $12.8 billion state budget that contains a massive $1.9 billion income tax...

Arizona House plans budget vote but short of backing

Republican leaders of the Arizona House plan to call members back to the Capitol Monday and try to muscle through a budget they negotiated...

Arizona budget faces GOP opposition as debate delayed

Contentious division among Republican lawmakers about a state budget deal negotiated between GOP Gov. Doug Ducey and majority Republican legislative leaders is in the...

$12.8 billion Arizona budget that slashes taxes introduced

A $12.8 billion spending plan for the coming budget year that slashes income taxes by 25% over three years and shields the wealthy from...

Legislature mulls raising Arizona’s low unemployment pay

Arizona’s super-low $240 maximum weekly unemployment benefit would increase to $320 by mid-summer and employers would have a small increase in their premiums under...

House ethics chair drops probe of Arizona lawmaker

The unilateral decision brought howls of protests from Democrats on the panel.

Outside probe backs complaints against Rep. David Cook

The report said evidence it collected showed Cook “had a close personal relationship of a romantic nature” with a lobbyist.

2 ethics complaints filed against Arizona lawmaker

House officials did not disclose details of the complaints.