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Idea to dismiss articles of impeachment cools in Senate

Donald Trump had originally floated the idea.

Bernie Sanders didn’t think woman could win Presidency, Elizabeth Warren says

The statement drew a swift and strong denial from Bernie Sanders.

Ahead of impeachment trial, Donald Trump suggests not having it

Donald Trump is suggesting the Senate vote to dismiss the case right away.

‘Fail Not:’ What to watch ahead of Donald Trump’s Senate trial

There are a lot of uncertainties in the yet to be scheduled impeachment trial.

2020 Democratic race is wide open in Iowa as caucuses near

Iowa has a solid record of backing the ultimate Democratic nominee.

Number of arrests at Mexican border declines

This is the seventh consecutive month of declines.

How tensions with Iran could reshape Democratic primary

Until now, the Democratic debate has largely focused on domestic issues.

Tom O’Halleran: Impeachment a somber, but constitutionally necessary, duty

Congressman O'Halleran discusses his views on Presidential Impeachment.

Phoenix, Maricopa County Intend to Keep Welcoming Refugees

Mayor Gallego will inform US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo of the decision.