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Mark Kelly pays tribute to John McCain in 1st Senate speech

Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona used his first speech in Congress on Wednesday to pay tribute to John McCain, the late...

Arizona’s Mark Kelly is sworn into Senate, narrowing GOP edge

 Arizona Democrat and former astronaut Mark Kelly was sworn into the Senate on Wednesday, narrowing Republican control of the chamber and underscoring his state’s...

Senator-elect Mark Kelly names team, in temporary DC office

Democrat Mark Kelly has been assigned temporary office space in Washington and has named a transition team as he awaits formal swearing-in as a...

“You can’t trust politicians.” Will AZ voters trust Mark Kelly after...

"We could do things to keep people safer without infringing on the Second Amendment rights of responsible people," Mark Kelly once stated.  Arizona residents have...

Death threats against Paul Gosar sent to his office

A death threat was made on U.S. Representative Paul Gosar last week. Gosar's office retrieved a 36-second voicemail that came from a woman named...

Democrats pound their message: To oust Donald Trump, you must vote

Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president Wednesday night.

NRA cutting staff and salaries amid coronavirus pandemic

The NRA, which boasts about 5 million members, laid off or furloughed dozens of employees.

Martha McSally of Arizona calls CNN reporter ‘liberal hack’

McSally later tweeted a cellphone video of the exchange.