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Sandra Day O’Connor, who made history as the first woman on...

Ashley Murray, Alabama Reflector WASHINGTON — The first woman to serve on the nation’s highest court is dead at...

Donald Trump’s tactics to overturn election could have staying power

Even after he exits the White House, President Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the legitimacy of the election and seeking to overturn the will...

Donald Trump — ‘No Mr. Nice Guy’ — shows softer side...

Competing depictions of the president come after the Democrats spent last week showcasing the compassion of Joe Biden.

Democrats make it official, nominate Joe Biden to take on Donald...

For Biden, who has spent more than three decades eyeing the presidency, the moment was the realization of a long-sought personal goal.

In virus talks, Nancy Pelosi holds firm; Steven Mnuchin wants a...

There are limits, and legal pitfalls, in trying to make an end run around the legislative branch.

Donald Trump’s attacks seen undercutting confidence in 2020 vote

The president is escalating his efforts to cast doubt on the integrity of the vote.

Dan Sutter: Markets and medicines

Dan Sutter discusses inefficiencies in the FDA's regulation of medicine.

In time of crisis, Donald Trump – Nancy Pelosi relationship remains...

It has been five months since the two leaders last spoke.

Donald Trump’s economic aid could approach $1T, senators say

The Trump administration is asking congress to appropriate funds directly to Americans in an effort to shore up households and the economy.

Joe Biden pivots focus to Trump amid coronavirus concerns

The new coronavirus has upended the presidential campaign at a crucial moment.