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Joe Biden, ‘We can’t wait any longer’ to address climate crisis

In the most ambitious U.S. effort to stave off the worst of climate change, President Joe Biden signed executive orders Wednesday to transform the nation’s heavily...

Democrats make it official, nominate Joe Biden to take on Donald...

For Biden, who has spent more than three decades eyeing the presidency, the moment was the realization of a long-sought personal goal.

Wealthy donors pour millions into fight over mail-in voting

Deep-pocketed and often anonymous donors are pouring over $100 million into an intensifying dispute about whether it should be easier to vote by mail,...

Joe Biden, DNC ink fundraising deal as he widens party influence

The joint fundraising pact that will allow wealthy donors to contribute up to $360,600 to the party's fall campaign.

In Iowa, anxiety and unpredictability cloud caucus finish

The Democratic race is unusually large and jumbled heading into Monday’s caucus.

How tensions with Iran could reshape Democratic primary

Until now, the Democratic debate has largely focused on domestic issues.