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Donald Trump, Joe Biden debate marked by clashes, but less chaos

After the first presidential debate was panned so widely that organizers introduced a mute button, Thursday's second and final debate between President...

Despite past Democratic wins, Donald Trump making a play for Nevada

Democrats have kept Nevada in their column in every presidential election since 2004. In the 2018 midterm election, Democrats delivered a “blue wave,” flipping...

Roberta McCain, John McCain’s mother, dies at 108

Roberta Wright McCain, the mother of the late Sen. John McCain who used her feisty spirit to help woo voters during his 2008 presidential...

Donald Trump, Joe Biden prepare to debate at a time of...

The Tuesday night debate will offer a massive platform for Trump and Biden to outline their starkly different visions for a country facing multiple crises.

Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden for president in rebuke of Donald...

Cindy McCain had not initially been expected to offer an explicit endorsement of Biden, but she had already gone to bat for his presidential run.

For Joe Biden, long path to a potentially crucial presidency

Biden has a record that mixes partisan street-fighting with bipartisan deal-making and bonhomie, and a personal journey of middle-class mores, individual struggle and family heartbreak.

Democrats make it official, nominate Joe Biden to take on Donald...

For Biden, who has spent more than three decades eyeing the presidency, the moment was the realization of a long-sought personal goal.

Groups aim for 1 million voters to oust Donald Trump

The new group, Mi AZ, launched Thursday with a car rally outside state government offices in Phoenix.

Arizona voters head to polls for GOP, Democratic primaries

Arizona hosts one of the most closely watched Senate contests in the country.