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Maricopa county quick to bat down election misinformation

When the Republican candidate for Arizona governor accused the state’s most populous county of “slow-rolling” the vote count to skew early election...

Election scrutiny high, but U.S. votes without major hitches

Americans voted without major problems Tuesday in midterm elections receiving intense scrutiny after two years of false claims and conspiracy theories about how ballots are...

FACT FOCUS: Why final election results take days, not hours

As election workers spend long hours tallying ballots in Arizona and elsewhere in the days after Tuesday’s primary elections, some critics are...

Arizona election chief: GOP-audited machines must be dropped

Voting machines from Arizona’s most populous county should not be used in the future after state Senate Republicans forced officials to give them access...

Final Arizona tally may take days, as usual

Many of those voting by mail cling to the habit of dropping off their ballots at the polls on Election Day, even though they could have dropped them into a mailbox weeks before the election.

Polls busy but no major glitches

Officials with the Secretary of State’s office say turnout appears high and they’ve heard of no major problems accessing the polls.

Arizona voters head to polls for GOP, Democratic primaries

Arizona hosts one of the most closely watched Senate contests in the country.

Arizona voters will find COVID-19 precautions at polls

Most of those who will vote have already done so by mail or at an early voting location.

Maricopa County considers spreading election over 2 weeks

Vote centers would maintain social distancing and cleaning protocols.