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Extraordinary warning to Donald Trump by 10 former Pentagon chiefs

In an extraordinary rebuke of President Donald Trump, all 10 living former secretaries of defense cautioned Sunday against any move to involve the military...

Senate moves to limit Donald Trump on military force against Iran

The rebuke was the Senate's first major vote since acquitting Trump on impeachment charges last week.

Donald Trump faces accusers: What to watch during his big speech

Donald Trump will give a speech designed to pivot from his impeachment to his drive for reelection.

Anti-Donald Trump protests have shrunk. What’s it mean for 2020?

The decline follows countless protests that took place after Donald Trump's victory in 2016.

Donald Trump uses rally to defend Iran policy as Democrats decry...

The rally came the same night as the Democratic debate.

Amid Iran and impeachment, Donald Trump’s focus is reelection

Donald Trump is being attacked on two sides.

Key takeaways from Democratic presidential debate in Iowa

There were several notable moments in the debate.

Senator Tim Kaine says he has 51 votes to restrain Trump...

There are some Republicans in support of the measure, according to Kaine.

How tensions with Iran could reshape Democratic primary

Until now, the Democratic debate has largely focused on domestic issues.