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Arizona House OKs gambling bill amid transparency questions

Some Democrats in the Arizona House on Thursday raised transparency and fairness questions about a major expansion of gambling Republican Gov. Doug Ducey needs...

Arizona House Republicans approve pair of pro-gun bills

The Republican-controlled Arizona House on Wednesday approved two measures aimed at boosting the rights of gun owners over objections from Democrats who called them...

Doug Ducey calls up National Guard, halts surgeries

Doug Ducey intensified his response to the coronavirus outbreak under growing pressure from other elected officials to take more aggressive action.

GOP-led Arizona House rejects $50 million Senate virus plan

The action crippled plans to swiftly put cash into the hands of laid-off workers that was included in an emergency unemployment bill.

House joins Senate in approving school voucher bill

The bill now awaits Doug Ducey's signature to become law.

Doug Ducey to close prison, calls for veteran tax cut

Doug Ducey listed several priorities in his speech from supporting veterans to closing a prison.