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Donald Trump’s MAGA forces threaten to upend vote for RNC chair

By week’s end, the Republican National Committee is set to resolve a bitter leadership feud that has exposed perilous divisions within a party that...

Voting snag in Arizona fuels election conspiracy theories

A printing malfunction at 60 polling places across Arizona’s most populous county slowed down voting Tuesday, but election officials assured voters that every ballot...

Will voters stick with Joe Biden outlook or take U.S. another...

With his party’s control over Congress teetering on the brink, President Joe Biden has traveled the country this fall trying to turn...

Donald Trump, first lady positive for virus; he has ‘mild symptoms’

The White House physician said the president was expected to continue carrying out his duties “without disruption” while recovering.

Donald Trump — ‘No Mr. Nice Guy’ — shows softer side...

Competing depictions of the president come after the Democrats spent last week showcasing the compassion of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump questions election integrity as he’s renominated

Trump, who was not scheduled to deliver his keynote convention address until later in the week, nevertheless made multiple public appearances throughout the first day of the four-day convention.

Jacksonville Florida is front-runner for Donald Trump convention speech

Reports of a final decision were "definitely premature."

Donald Trump says GOP is pulling convention from North Carolina

Several other states have volunteered to host the convention instead.

North Carolina governor Roy Cooper: RNC hasn’t submitted safety plan

Top GOP officials countered in a letter that they need more guidance and assurances from Cooper.

Donald Trump threatens to move RNC without assurances from governor

Trump's tweets about the upcoming RNC in Charlotte come two days after North Carolina's largest daily increase in virus cases yet.