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Joe Biden looks to provide relief from extreme heat as record...

With millions of Americans facing broiling heat across the Southwest, President Joe Biden on Thursday plans to announce new steps to improve weather forecasts...

Joe Biden hopes South Carolina win means a Super Tuesday boost

Biden so far has failed to live up to expectations in the three states that have held their primary or caucus to date.

Democrats argue that ‘right matters’ in Trump impeachment trial

On Friday, Democrats will press their final day of arguments before skeptical Republican senators.

Buckle up: What to watch as impeachment trial takes off

Despite hopes for a speedy trial, things could last longer depending on Senate moderates.

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial begins, senators vow ‘impartial justice’

Senators said later that when Roberts appeared the solemnity of the occasion took hold.

Senate takes over Donald Trump’s impeachment after House handoff

The team of impeachment managers escorted the document to the Senate in a dramatic procession.

House votes to send Donald Trump’s impeachment to Senate for trial

Nancy Pelosi also named impeachment prosecutors for the trial.