2 members of Arizona congressional delegation sign Heritage Action “Police Pledge”

Photo credit: Associated Press

Two current members of the Arizona U.S. House delegation, Debbie Lesko and Andy Biggs have signed a new pledge by Heritage Action. In addition, several state officials and Arizona congressional candidates have all signed.

As of September 9, 2020, 2 U.S. Senators and 118 House leaders who have signed the “Police Pledge” from Heritage Action. Heritage Action for America is a conservative policy advocacy organization that was founded in 2010. Their lobbying team works directly with lawmakers to push conservative principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

The pledge states:

“A lawful society—free from mob rule and violent insurrection—is not possible without Law Enforcement.

“Police Officers have chosen a noble profession. They dedicate their lives to upholding the law and protecting the sacred rights of their fellow citizens. As a profession, they deserve support and respect.

“I stand with America’s Police and pledge to oppose any bill, resolution, or movement to “Defund the Police.”

In a recent Twitter post, Debbie Lesko pledged her support for police, stating, “I was proud to join @Heritage_Action to stand with America’s police and pledge to oppose any bill, resolution, or movement to Defund the Police!”

Other Arizona officials who have signed include Sine Kerr, Vince Leach, Nancy Barto, Frank Carrol, Paul Boyer, Leo Biasiucci, Shawnna Bolick, and Anthony Kern. Arizona congressional candidates who have signed are Suzanne Sharer, Brenda Barton, Beverly Pingerelli, Brent Backus, Joseph Chaplik, Justin Wilmeth, and Justine Wadsack.