Arizona celebrates 110 years of statehood

Arizona flag waves in blue sky in Arizona

Arizona is marked 110 years of statehood on Monday. President William Howard Taft signed legislation that officially made Arizona the 48th U.S. state on February 14, 1912.

Governor Doug Ducey issued a statement in honor of Arizona Statehood Day.

“On this day 110 years ago, President William Howard Taft made Arizona the 48th state of the Union. As he signed the Arizona Statehood Bill, President Taft said ‘I hope to see the valleys of the new state teeming with prosperity and afford homes to many thousands of people.’ 

“Eleven decades later, and that’s certainly the case. Arizona’s economy is roaring. People are voting with their feet and moving here in droves. We’re a top destination for families, jobs, and businesses. 

“We live in the most beautiful state in the nation, full of endless possibility, opportunity, and optimism. We aim high and think big. Our way is tried and true. We will keep Arizona – Arizona.”