Congressional leaders at odds over Joe Biden vaccine mandate

Some people wearing face masks wait in line to shop Saturday, April 4, 2020, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Reps. Debbie Lesko and Ruben Gallego have vastly different viewpoints on the new vaccine mandate plan President Joe Biden announced last Thursday. The new rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers will require workers to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly and will affect about 80 million Americans, reported The Associated Press. Additionally, around 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid will have to be fully vaccinated.

In a press release, Rep. Lesko stated, “Throughout his time in office, President Biden has repeatedly trampled on the individual liberties of all Americans through mask mandates and now again with a broad, overreaching vaccine mandate. His proposed vaccine mandate plan is yet another attempt by the left to assert their control over our daily lives. This blatant disregard for the rights of American citizens cannot stand. Make no mistake, if an American wants a vaccine, they should be able to get one, but no one should be forced to do so under penalty of law. President Biden has gone too far. I’m working with my colleagues and elected officials across Arizona to stop this authoritarian government overreach. I will not stop until this unconstitutional action has been rescinded.”

In contrast, Rep. Gallego stated, “This is leadership. President Biden is doing what needs to be done to beat COVID-19. No ifs, ands, or buts—there is no reason to not get the shot if you are eligible. For months, we’ve had a safe and effective vaccine available for free and in ample supply. The time to wait is over. Get the shot, get the booster when it becomes available, and together we will get through this pandemic.”